Realms of Peril: Adventurer's Field Guide - Physical Print

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Realms of Peril: Adventurer's Field Guide - Physical Print

Whoa there, friend! Indeed, you have come to the right place, but heed this warning: venture not into these perilous realms of fantastic sword and sorcery, lest ye be of stout mind and steely nerve. For within these pages lie the gates to a wicked world of magic, mystery, devilry, and danger!

Realms of Peril is a classic fantasy adventure roleplaying game designed to be simple, accessible, and fun for new players and veterans alike. This book covers everything you need to know to create and play your own heroic or dastardly adventurer.

Inside, you’ll discover:

🗡️ A d20-based core mechanic that determines not only if you succeed or fail, but if you encounter danger along the way.

🗡️ Simple rules for fiction-focused gameplay with classic fantasy adventure principles. Designed for open-table campaigns.

🗡️ Fast and fun character creation. Start at Level 0 and work your way up from one of a hundred evocative backgrounds that give just enough flavor to ignite your imagination.

🗡️ Once you reach Level 1, pick from twelve unique adventurer classes, each with their own useful and powerful talents. Mix and match to build your character as they grow and evolve.

🗡️ An arsenal of weapons, armor, and equipment to fill up your inventory before heading out for adventure.

🗡️ Rules for followers, hirelings, companions, pets, beasts, familiars, arcane magic, bizarre gods, otherworldly spirits, downtime, strongholds, domains, armies, and establishments.

This purchase includes:

📗 The Adventurer's Field Guide Printed Booklet

Looking for the Game Master's Handbook? Click here for the GM's book!

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Realms of Peril: Adventurer's Field Guide - Physical Print

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