Realms of Peril: Game Master's Handbook - PDF

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Realms of Peril: Game Master's Handbook - PDF

Halt! Who goes there? Tread no further, knaves! Turn back while you still can. For what lies inside this dusty tome is meant only for the most ambitious and committed among you. The secrets locked inside these passages reveal that which was not meant for mere mortals to behold. Flee now, and let there be a veil that shrouds the inner workings of the universe! Are you yet undaunted? So be it.

Realms of Peril is a classic fantasy adventure roleplaying game designed to be simple, accessible, and fun for new players and veterans alike. This book covers everything you need to know to create a game world and run a whole campaign.

Inside, you’ll discover:

💀 Guidelines, techniques, and suggestions for how to run the game, build campaigns, create adventures, and more.

💀 A full list of GM moves that create a menu of different ways to influence your story and drive the fiction forward.

💀 Rules for ability checks, running combat, critical hits and fumbles, conditions, awarding XP, and more.

💀 Guidelines for creating hex maps, settlements, dungeons, quests, non-player characters, followers, familiars, factions, monsters, and everything else your campaign world needs.

💀 A treasure trove of magic items, including weird trinkets, enchanted equipment, arcane implements, lost holy relics, a hundred legendary artifacts, potions, elixirs, and piles of gold to uncover in the depths of a dungeon.

💀 More than 60 different monsters, classic and new, to throw at your adventurers.

This purchase includes:

📁 The Game Master's Handbook PDF

📁 All Future GM Digital Content Updates

Looking for the Adventurer's Field Guide? Click here for the player's book!

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Realms of Peril: Game Master's Handbook - PDF

5 ratings
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